Hayden Bleasel

Design · Engineering · Startups · Video Games

Hi, I’m Hayden Bleasel. I’m an Australian Product Designer and Software Engineer currently based in Delray Beach, Florida.

I’m currently the Chief Product Officer at Corellium — a virtual hardware platform designed for governments, defense contractors and enterprises to perform security research and testing on Arm-based devices.

After hours, I’m working on Eververse, a new type of Product Management tool designed to help Product teams triage feedback, explore problems, ideate solutions, prioritize features and plan roadmaps with the help of AI.

Previously, I ran an agency called Jellypepper where I worked with startups in self-driving cars, AI, biotech, crypto, drone delivery, cybersecurity and even outer space logistics. Jellypepper was acquired in 2023 by Raw Studio.

I also founded Refraction, a suite of AI-based code improvement tools for developers, which was acquired in 2023 by Twistag.

In my spare time, I enjoy working out, building open source projects like next-forge and Harmony, flying my drone and playing video games— most recently Fallout 76 (678 hours so far).

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