Chief Product Officer.
TypeScript Engineer.
Product Designer.
Indie maker.

Hi, I'm Hayden Bleasel. I'm the CPO at Corellium — a virtual hardware platform for government agencies and large enterprises to perform security research, penetration testing and development on mobile and IoT devices. I run the product management, customer support and design teams and am currently based in Delray Beach, Florida.

After hours, I'm building Eververse, designed to help Product teams explore problems, ideate solutions, prioritize features and plan roadmaps with the help of generative and predictive AI.

Previously I ran an agency called Jellypepper. We worked with startups in self-driving car tech, AI, biotech, crypto, drone delivery, cybersecurity and even orbital (outer space) logistics. Jellypepper was acquired in 2023 by Raw Studio, where I joined them as an Advisor.

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