Hayden Bleasel is an award-winning designer currently living in Sydney, Australia.

He is the Director of Erudito and organiser of Sydney Designers. Learn more


Next generation LiDAR for self-driving cars

Tank Stream Ventures

A venture fund for solving global problems with tech

Canva Schedule

Create and schedule amazing social content


Access to an energy efficient future for all

Ribit by Data61

Connecting students to innovative businesses


The easiest way to buy, sell and learn crypto


Redesigning superannuation for millenials


How I learned to design for data visualisation at a petabyte scale


How I started an analytics startup and partnered with SEEK

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I like to design, build and grow interesting things. I believe good design is capable of fostering meaningful human experiences and relationships, so I try to focus on simplicity, authenticity and accessibility throughout my work.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in IT and Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney. I love working with a wide range of companies and industries in an attempt to experience more of the world.

I’ve worked with small startups like Spaceship, Baraja and Brighte; later stage startups like Canva and Tyro; bigger companies like Westfield, Google and National Geographic; government entities like CSIRO Data61 and even VC funds like Tank Stream Ventures.

Branding & Strategy

Your brand is more than a logo — it’s how your customers perceive you. It’s a reflection of your company, shaped through the experiences people have with you. The best brands are simple and honest, constantly being refined.

Product Design

I love companies that focus on making lives better through technology. I'm a Product, UI, UX, Motion and Interaction designer at heart — pushing pixels and crafting incredible user experiences is in my blood.

Full-Stack Development

Designs don't do much good sitting in a Sketch file. I actually started off my journey as a full-stack JavaScript developer - developing React apps and Gatsby marketing websites.


There’s nothing more exciting than bringing a brand to life with illustrations and motion design. But a good brand is always evolving and trying new messages, so I help create memorable marketing campaigns.

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A resume-tracking and analytics platform for online employment marketplaces

Presumi provides an algorithm that allows for detailed resume tracking all the way from the candidate to the employer and back again — opens, clicks, viewtime... everything.

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Want my help on a cool project?

Get in touch on the Erudito contact page — my team and I would love to help you out!

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