Product Designer and Frontend Developer


Sydney, Australia

Sumry is help you land your dream job by interweaving your unique story with your professional achievements, sprinkled with your own personality to create a timeline that help future employers understand the real you.

I initially joined the Sumry team in mid-2014 as a front-end developer. During this time, I learned to ideate, design, build and launch a real product. I was also fortunate enough to dabble in customer support, where I realised that startups have the unfair advantage of being able to really get to know their customers. Some of our users even used Sumry to get jobs at companies such as Facebook and Google.

My focus was designing and implemented an entirely new user interface and platform from ground up, built on Angular. I also spent a lot of time refining the logo, colour palette, social media and overall brand identity.

The overhaul was extensive and covered a lot of missing pieces in the product strategy. We created an analytics dashboard so users could see the impressions they were getting, gamified data collection by highlighting missing fields and profile completion and even added a great little feature called Storyteller — a guided approach to creating a profile by answering a few easy questions.