Sydney, Australia

Jellypepper is an award-winning digital agency for disruptive startups.

I started Jellypepper in 2017 in an effort to explore the world a bit more, see how different industries and people worked. We worked with startups in self-driving car tech, AI, biotech, crypto, drone delivery, cybersecurity and even orbital (outer space) logistics.

Jellypepper was acquired in 2023 by Raw Studio, where I joined them as an Advisor.

The agency path was really cool as I got to meet lots of people, see how different industries worked, contribute to a lot of amazing products, brands, websites which is exactly what I wanted.

Plus, with everyone having come from a startup background, we ended up filling a gap in the market for a reliable, end-to-end agency for startups that didn’t feel like you were working with an agency. We also spent a lot of time on our own brand and website. I'm a huge fan of showing rather than telling and creating a brand that sells itself.